With fragab you can create a poll in seconds and spread it to friends, colleagues or chat groups to schedule an event or a meeting, find common dates, receive opinions or be part of a hidden survey.

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Free and everywhere.
As App, on the web, with or without registration.

How it works

1. Create

Create your poll with fragab in the web or App.

2. Share

Send the poll link to everybody who should participate.

Use messengers, email etc. or your address book.

3. Vote

Using the link, everybody can vote easily.

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Create polls for everything

A list where everybody can participate.

Schedule dates Training lists Invitations Secret polls Surveys Save the Date Organize tasks ... and many more

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Easy to answer

Yes, Maybe, No
or just select what's needed.
Voting is easy and fast for everybody.

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Great layout and ease of use. Will be very useful.
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Very useful to help me organise my social and professional life :)

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