I forgot my password You anonymously participated in a survey and forgot your voting password, which was shown to you after you voted?
In this case, please contact the person who created the survey. They can reset your password and send it to you.

πŸ‘‹ Tip: If you download the fragab app and vote through it, you don't need to remember any passwords. You can easily change your vote anytime.

If you don't want to download the app, you can also create a fragab account through the website. Simply log in there and cast your vote. This way, you don't need to remember any passwords either.

If you don't want to do that either, you can have the password sent to you or copy it directly after your vote. Just pay attention to the green confirmation page after your vote.
Poll overview In this overview you can see all polls that you have accessed or to which you have been added by others.

You can:
  • View
    Tap on the poll
  • Archive
    Swipe the poll to 🫱➑️ the right and select Archive. You can retrieve it from the archive at any time. Select Archived Polls to view them.
  • Delete
    Swipe the poll to 🫱➑️ the right and select Delete. The poll will be deleted from your app if you are not the creator of the poll.
    ⚠️ Note: If you created the poll yourself, it will be deleted for everyone!
  • Share
    Swipe the poll to πŸ«²β¬…οΈ the left and select Share. You can then use the sharing options offered by your phone to share the poll link. However, it is even better to choose the Share function in the poll itself, as it offers you additional options.
  • Info Page
    Swipe the poll to πŸ«²β¬…οΈ the left and select Info to go to the info page of the poll, where you can add participants from your address book and see more information about the poll.
  • Manage notifications
    Swipe the poll to πŸ«²β¬…οΈ the left and select Notifications to determine how you want to be notified of changes and new votes for this poll. Choose between Silent Notification, with Sound, or Completely Off.
Can I change the options of a poll after creating it?

Sure thing. An admin can change a poll at any time. Note: If you change the date of an option and there are already votes cast for that date, those votes will be deleted! (Otherwise it would be a manipulation πŸ€”). Text, location, start or end time can be changed at any time without affecting the votes already cast for them.

Delete a poll
  1. If you delete a poll that you did not create, it will only be removed from your list of viewed polls.
  2. If you create a poll and then delete it, it will also be marked as deleted for all participants and no one will be able to access it anymore.
  3. If you have been named as an administrator for a poll and you delete it, the query will not be deleted, but only removed from your own overview. Only the person who created the poll can completely delete it.
Since when has Fragab existed? The project started in 2014 as a web version. The first iOS app version was released in 2015, and the Android app followed in 2016. We aimed to make creating polls and voting super easy. Of course, Doodle was always the big player in this area, but it wasn't good enough for our purposes. Nowadays, more and more people recognize that fragab is just cool and a great help for social voting. Of course, the project also costs money, especially if it is to be further developed. That's why we rely on advertising or your purchase of a package, such as the affordable Gold version, which offers additional features and hides the ads. If you're really happy with fragab, we'd also appreciate a β˜•PayPal donation to paypal@fragab.com. You'll be supporting the development. Thanks! Specify more than one person or create a bring-along list. With the "Multiple Vote" function, you can set up your poll so that participants can also enter a quantity per vote/option. This is useful for indicating, for example, how many people will attend an event, or how many cakes one will bring. Can I export a poll to Excel, CSV, or PDF?

Yes, this is possible with the Platinum package. As the creator of the poll, you can download it directly in XLS, XLSX, CSV or PDF format. You have a lot more functionalities to define the export.

Read more about here
To use my web account in the app, how can I do it? If you have created two accounts and you want to take over (connect) the email address from one account, go to SettingsπŸ‘‰Your ProfileπŸ‘‰Email Settings in the app and enter the desired email address. You will then be shown further steps to take over the email.

πŸ’‘ Tip: To get individual surveys from your web account into the app, you can access the survey via your phone by either using the QR code on the survey with the camera or simply tapping the survey link. The app should then open and display the survey. It will remain in your app account afterwards.
Create option with multiple times on the same day To do this, simply create a separate option for each time slot and select the same date. This way, your participants can vote separately for each time slot. You can achieve this with just one click by using the Add Time option. How can I delete my account? You can find the link to delete your account in the app under SettingsπŸ‘‰Your ProfileπŸ‘‰Delete Profile. If this link is not yet available, your app may not support it yet. In this case, please simply send us an email at hello@fragab.com or use the feedback function in the app. We will then delete your account as requested.
Note that if you delete your account, all your own polls and votes on other polls that you have created through it will also be deleted. For example, if you created a poll in which other participants have already participated, they will no longer be able to see the poll.
Show or hide Calendar From the Gold package onwards, you can share your calendar with the fragab app. For options that involve a date, you will be magically shown whether you are free on that day or within that time window, or whether you already have an appointment scheduled.
You can also display your appointments directly below the date by simply tapping on the date in the query. In addition, you can hide or completely ignore individual calendar groups.
You can always find all of your calendar settings in the app under Settings πŸ‘‰ Edit Profile πŸ‘‰ Email & Settings.
Add contacts from your address book You can also add contacts from your address book to a poll in two ways:
  1. Add individual contacts
  2. Create a group with contacts and add the group to the poll

1. Add individual contacts
Click on Add participants on the Info page of your poll or select Add contacts from the sharing menu.
Then select the desired contacts from your address book.

2. Create a group
Using the Groups menu, you can create a new group using the + symbol and add individual participants from your address book. You can add one or more groups just like individual contacts to a poll, as described in the 1st paragraph.

What happens to added contacts?
The fragab app creates a participant based on the phone numbers and email addresses stored for the contact in your address book. If this participant has already registered on fragab using one of these data, then the person will immediately see your poll in the app and also receive a notification.
If the person is not yet registered, you will receive a notification as soon as they register on fragab with one of the phone numbers or email addresses. The person will then also automatically see your poll in the app.
Otherwise, no automatic notifications will be sent to people! You can explicitly invite your participants via the Invite button on the Info page in the app.

How do I know if someone already has fragab?
In your contacts here in the app, you will see a fragab icon next to the contacts who have already registered on fragab. It is best to ask your contacts to download the fragab app and register under their phone number.

What is transmitted to fragab?
When you add participants from your address book, we encrypt the phone numbers of these contacts and compare them, as well as any stored email addresses, with the registered fragab users. This way we can show you in your contacts who is already a fragab user. Sharing polls is super easy, as you no longer have to send a link.
NO names or other data are transmitted to fragab, nor are they visible to other participants! The app only shows you the names of the contacts in your address book.
If you have any further questions about this, just write to us via the feedback function.
Can I install Fragab on multiple devices simultaneously? Yes, that is possible. However, the SMS with the code will be sent to the device with the valid phone number. You can simply enter this code on the other devices, such as a tablet/iPad. Alternatively, you can register with your email instead of a phone number. Create an option with dates spanning multiple days Currently, this is not supported through the date selection. A workaround is to simply select the start date and add a text note indicating how long the event will last. How do I archive a poll? You can either delete or archive polls that you no longer need. If you archive them, they will automatically be retrieved from the archive when there is a change to the poll.

To archive a poll:
Swipe the poll to the left πŸ‘‰ Archive
Can I limit the number of participants for the options? Yes, this is possible with the Gold package. When creating the poll, you simply enter the maximum number of participants who are allowed to vote for each option with Yes or Maybe (if activated). You can define a limit individually per option. How are options with a date sorted? Options with a date are automatically sorted in the correct order after you save a poll. Therefore, you don't need to manually move added or changed options using the sandwich icon. Text options, however, remain in the same position. This means that if you insert a text option between two date options, it will stay there. Activate Javascript JavaScript is an essential language for the majority of websites, including Fragab. We use JavaScript to display polls correctly and enable you to vote.

Please enable JavaScript in your computer or mobile phone settings.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.
I don't receive an email confirmation. Please check your spam folder and try to have the confirmation resent. Sometimes it takes a few minutes for the email to find its way to you on the information superhighway. I don't want to see any ads With the Gold package, you can completely disable ads in the app and on the web (when logged in). With the Platinum package, you can even disable ads for all your participants if they have participated in one of your surveys. View fragab packages. How can I change my email address? Go to the settings of your Fragab account in your profile and change your email address. You will then receive a confirmation email to the new address and can activate the change through it. Is there a chat feature for a poll? Yes. With the Platinum package, each participant of a survey can send messages in the chat. The chat is exclusive to that particular survey, and participants receive the messages as push notifications on their phones. How can I change the voice of another person? You can easily change the vote of other people on fragab, even if you are not the administrator of the survey. The other person just needs to set a password after their vote and share or send you the password. Then, you just need to click on the person's name in the poll and enter the password and change the vote using β†’ Change. I did not receive an SMS with the code That can unfortunately happen sometimes, as sending SMS depends on different providers. πŸ€” But nothing is impossible! Simply write us an email at hello@fragab.com with your phone number and we will help you activate your app. Or simply register with your email address. The email confirmation link is not working. If you click on the confirmation link in the email and the fragab app opens, sometimes there is an error message. Actually, in this case, the app should not open. Please try to open the link directly in a browser, then it should work. How do I change the email notifications? If you have provided an email address in your fragab account, you will receive email notifications when your participants make changes or vote in your survey. You can change these notifications in your settings. To do so, go to Settings β†’ Edit Profile β†’ Email & Settings. Can participants change their vote afterwards without a password? If the administrator has not set the query differently, voting is generally password-protected to prevent anyone from manipulating votes.

The password is displayed after voting and can also be changed or sent to you. However, you only need to do this if you do not want to use a fragab account.

If you use the free app or log in to the web with your fragab account and participate in a query, you can change your vote at any time without having to enter or remember a password.
How can I delete participants? If you have created the survey or have administrative rights for it, you just need to tap on a participant's name. A menu will appear. Tap on Delete there. Why are some fields gray? In a survey, some fields may be gray if: - The date of this survey option has been changed by the creator. In this case, votes already cast for this option will be deleted, and you can cast a new vote for it. To indicate that previous participants did not have this option available at the time of their vote, it will be marked as gray. However, you can still select this option like any other. - An option has been locked because enough participants have already voted for it in the case of a limited survey option. In this case, a corresponding symbol should also appear above the option. The app doesn't open when I tap on a poll link. Please always download the latest version. Sometimes you will be asked whether you want to open the "link" in the app or in the browser. Always choose app. Add Admins You can add one or more administrators to your query. An admin can view the results of anonymous queries, modify or delete votes, and change or end the survey.

There are two ways to add an administrator:

  • Add the person on the Info page in the app (if they are not already there). Swipe left on them or tap and select Make Admin.
  • Or: In the survey, tap on the participant and choose Give Admin Rights.

To remove admin rights, just follow the same steps.
My calendar is not being displayed. You have at least the Gold package, your calendar is also connected with the fragab app (the app asks for your permission), and still the calendar is not displayed?

Try the following:
  • Close the fragab app and restart it. Open a survey where calendar options are available (data to select). If the app asks you to share your calendar, confirm this.
  • In the survey, tap on a date box and select πŸ‘‰ "Show Calendar".
  • If you are using a calendar other than the default calendar on your phone, check the settings on your phone so that your phone does not use the default calendar! On iPhone, disable this by going to πŸ‘‰ "Settings" πŸ‘‰ "iCloud Calendar" πŸ‘‰ "On This iPhone".
Line breaks in text options You can insert line breaks (breaks) in a text option by holding down the SHIFT key ⬆️ while pressing Return (Enter). This is also known as a "soft break". Turn notifications on or off Turn off Notifications / Sound
Swipe the survey to πŸ«²β¬…οΈ left and select Notifications to choose how you want to be notified of changes and new votes in this survey. To turn the sound on or off, choose between silent notification, with sound, or completely without.
I can't add or delete appointments in my calendar. If you currently have an issue adding or deleting calendar entries as a Gold member, make sure you've downloaded the latest app version and restarted the app.

If the calendar is not showing at all, you may need to reauthorize the permission. Log out and back in through the app settings. Then, participate in a survey containing calendar data, and you should be prompted to grant calendar access.

Apologies if it doesn't work immediately. Google recently made changes to their calendar permissions, and developers need to make constant adjustments. We're sorry for the inconvenience and are working to resolve issues quickly. For further questions, contact us through the in-app feedback chat. πŸ‘‹
Times are displayed incorrectly If you see different times in the date boxes after saving your query than the ones you selected, it could be due to the following reasons:
  • You have a Mac with the Sonoma system and are using Chrome as your browser
    Please update Chrome to the latest version, as there was a faulty time zone in an older version. After that, it should work again.
  • Check your time settings on your computer.
    Is the time set correctly? Try selecting your time zone in the query settings to match your computer.
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