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    An option is a selection for the participants of your poll. It can be a date, time, text, location, or combination of those. Add as many options as you want. Empty options will be ignored. Change options via the menu.

    For a simple Yes/No poll you don't need any option. In this case, a date for your event can be added in the description section on top.


    Allow "Maybe" votes No
    Allows to vote also with the answer "Maybe". It'll be counted as a Yes but colourized differently.
    Decide on one option No
    A participant needs to decide on one answer only, he or she can not select more than one.
    Close selected options No
    A selected option will be closed for all participants as soon as someone votes on it.
    Hide vote results No
    Only you can see the voting results. The names of voters remain visible to all.
    Hide voters names Gold No
    Only you can see the voters names and comments. Vote results stay visible.
    Ongoing Poll Gold No
    Options with an expired date will be hidden and the next upcoming option will be focussed. Participants will be able to vote for an option also with "No" and need to be signed in before. Perfect for sports lists, recurring events etc.
    Limit votes Gold No
    Maximum votes allowed per option. A vote gets counted if it's a "Yes" or a "Maybe". Once the limit has been reached, the option will be closed.
    Group chat Platin No
    The poll gets a separate chat to be used for additional communication among everybody.
    Password protectionPlatinNo
    Define a case-sensitive password to access the poll as an anonymous user. Participants especially those added by you don't have to insert that password.

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