What's New in May, 2023

  • We have improved the "Limit Votes" option! You can now set a separate limit for each option or make them unlimited. This gives you full flexibility and allows you to distribute your tasks precisely. Helpers, cakes, waffle irons, and grill masters will now come in just the right amount for the summer party. 🥳
  • In text options, you can now add a break by holding down the SHIFT key ⬆️ while pressing ENTER ↵.
  • If you automatically schedule the end of a poll, you can have the poll sent to you as an export file via email.
  • We have completely revamped and upgraded the export functions! You can now determine which data and how your poll should be exported, add empty rows, the QR code, and much more. We have completely redesigned the PDF layout, and you will love it!
  • After voting without an account, you can now conveniently have the voting password sent to you. You will receive a link through which you can later directly change your vote if you still decide against using the app or creating an account 🥴.
  • Admins and poll creators can now reset and share passwords for votes. This way, you can now help your participants regain control of their votes.

Changes in April, 2023

  • The calendar selection has been greatly improved. You can now select multiple days at once and have them automatically sorted if needed. Selected days are now even more visible as we have also adjusted the design in the calendar.
  • We have added this blog and a help section where we will provide useful information and tips to make fragab even better and more understandable for you than ever before.
  • We are also introducing a new fragab newsletter which you can subscribe to for free, with no ads or annoying content.
  • App: We fixed a stubborn bug that caused images to change unexpectedly when editing a poll. This should be resolved for good now.
  • Web: In the history of polls on the homepage, HTML characters sometimes appeared between deleted polls.
  • In ongoing polls, expired options can be shown again to the poll administrator. To do this, use the "Show expired options" link located next to the first option in your poll.
  • We also made some design improvements and other changes under the hood.