When participants forget their voting password...

Which password are we talking about?

A voting in a survey is always password-protected when voting anonymously and without an account. After voting, a generated password is displayed to the participant. It can be sent via email or copied. The password can be changed if needed.

To make changes to the voting later, this password is required.

If you don't remember it, you're out of luck. 🥗

Why is the password necessary?

If you vote without an account and close the browser, the vote cannot be associated with the survey on your next visit. The password prevents anyone from freely modifying the votes of other participants!
Suddenly, I said yes when I actually declined... but there was another participant with the same name...

You don't need a password if you voted through the app or using an account on the web. Your votes are always associated with your account and cannot be changed by anyone else.
So it's easier for everyone to use the app. No passwords, no duplicate votes, no missed surveys.

Option 1: Change the password

As the creator or admin of a survey, you can change the password of each participant. Simply tap on the participant in the voting and then click → Change password.

Afterward, you can conveniently send the password to the participant using the share icon.

Option 2: Modify the vote

As the creator or admin of the survey, you can also directly modify the participant's vote.
This is sometimes less time-consuming than changing and sending the password.
Simply tap on the participant in the voting and then click → Edit.

Option 3: Delete the vote

Sometimes it's easiest to delete the vote.

Especially if participants have downloaded the app after participating and later ask why they can't see their (anonymous) vote in the app. In this case, please ask the participant to register again. That way, everything will be fine, even for future surveys. 🍿