How to Integrate Your Calendar into a Survey

With the fragab app, you can easily connect your calendar. In surveys with date options, it will automatically show you whether you have a conflict with the proposed date based on your appointments.

You can choose to display your appointments directly in the survey options for your eyes only, hide calendar groups individually, and import appointments from fragab surveys into your calendar with just one click.

To connect your calendar, you need the Gold package (or higher).

Grant Permission

When you access a survey with date options, the fragab app will ask you for the first time to grant access to your calendar. Without this permission, your calendar cannot be connected.

We take your privacy seriously!

  • Fragab does not store your calendar appointments.
  • Participants cannot see your appointments.
  • Only the relevant appointments are compared in terms of time.

If you accidentally denied permission or want to revoke it, go to the settings on your mobile phone and look for the fragab app. There, you can change the permission at any time.

iPhone fragab Settings

Calendar Comparison

Once you've granted permission, your appointments will be compared in terms of time on the respective proposed days the next time you access a survey with date options.

Calendar Integration fragab

Here's how it works:

  • If you have appointments in the calendar that fall within a date option (or overlap it), the option is marked with an exclamation mark, and the number of overlapping appointments is highlighted in red.
  • Appointments that exist on that day in your calendar but, for example, are all-day events without time blocking are counted and highlighted in green because there is no direct conflict.
  • If you have nothing scheduled for that day, it will be displayed in green with "Free".

Pretty cool, right?

View Appointments

To list your appointments directly under a date option, tap on the date box and then on Show Calendar.

Connect fragab Calendar

From now on, your appointments will be displayed in all surveys under the options.

Show fragab Calendar Appointments in Surveys

  • Overlapping appointments are marked with an exclamation mark and a reddish background for your clarity.
  • If you use calendar groups, the group name and group color are also displayed.
  • If there are more appointments than can be displayed in the visible area, you can scroll the area.

Ignore or Hide Calendar Groups

If you use calendar groups and don't want to compare appointments from a group, tap on an appointment from that group and select Ignore Group.

Ignore or Hide Calendar Groups    

  • Appointments from ignored groups will no longer be compared.
  • Ignored appointments are marked with a symbol.

Ignored Appointments from Hidden Calendar Groups

If you want to hide calendar groups altogether, tap on → Hide Group.

You can always unhide ignored or hidden groups. In your fragab settings, you can see and edit all your hidden calendar groups.

Calendar Settings

In the app under Settings → Edit Profile → Email & Settings, you can

  • unhide hidden calendar groups with a single click,
  • turn the display of calendar entries within your surveys on or off,
  • choose whether the calendar group name should be displayed above the appointments or not. Sometimes it's a good idea to turn it off if the group name is too long.

Importing a Survey Appointment into the Calendar

To add an appointment or date option from a survey to your calendar, simply tap on the date box and then select Add to Calendar →.

Import fragab Calendar Appointment

The survey appointment will be added directly to your calendar.

  • Imported appointments are marked with a green calendar symbol.
  • Entered fragab appointments are added to a separate group in your calendar called "fragab."
  • To remove the appointment, simply tap on the date box again and select Remove from Calendar →.

fragab Calendar Entry Exists

In your calendar, the title of the survey, the survey link, and any location (if available in the survey) will be included. (See example Google Calendar.)

Google Calendar Entry from fragab

If you have any further questions or issues with calendar integration, please feel free to reach out through the feedback feature. 👋