Export polls to PDF, Excel, and CSV

You can easily and quickly export a poll to various formats.

  • PDF (Adobe Acrobat)
  • XLSX (Microsoft Excel, current format)
  • XLS (Microsoft Excel, old format)
  • CSV (Comma-Separated Values file)

You can access the export function directly from the respective poll through the Menu 👉 Export option.

Afterwards, you can choose the file format and make additional settings.


Multiple export settings are available. The settings you last used in the export window will be automatically saved in your profile. The same settings will be preselected for you in the next export.

Show results as...

Individual poll results can be displayed in various ways.

  • Symbol
    Export poll results as symbols
  • Text
    Export poll results as text
  • Number
    Export poll results as numbers

Export ...

  • polls
    All votes cast in this poll will be exported. 
    💡Helpful for printing a blank list template with empty lines (see below).
  • Total Results
    Votes are counted individually for Yes, No, Maybe, and Yes+Maybe and added to the poll.
  • QR Code and Poll Link
    The QR code is added to the first page of the PDF export. Participants can use their camera to directly access your poll. 
    The poll link is added to the header of each page.
  • Poll Description
    If you have added a description to your poll, it will be exported as well.
  • Comments
    Comments entered by your participants will be inserted directly below their name.
  • Timestamp of Vote
    The exact date and time when a participant voted.
  • Show Expired Options
    In a "Continuous Poll" where expired date options are automatically hidden, they can be displayed again in the export if you activate this setting here.
  • Poll History
    The poll's history is exported separately. Each change and vote, including timestamp and name, is exported chronologically in a list.
  • Add Blank Lines 👍
    Add up to 200 blank lines to your poll. This is a great feature for printing list templates and distributing them at your event. Participants can manually (the old-fashioned way 🙂) add themselves or be added to the list by you. In combination with the "polls" setting turned off, you can also create completely blank list templates. Give it a try.
  • Send to My Email
    Have the export file sent to the email address associated with your poll.

Exporting an Automatically Ended Poll

If you automatically end a poll based on a specific time, you can also have it automatically exported and sent to your email address. To do this, select the "Send me a summary by email" option in the settings of your poll.

Export Examples

PDF, Symbols, QR Code & Link, Overall Result, Polls, Expired Options, Timestamp

PDF, Text, QR Code & Link, Polls, Overall Result, Timestamp

PDF, Numbers, Polls, Overall Result, Added Empty Lines

PDF, Without Polls, Added Empty Lines

PDF, (Yes/No Poll), Symbols, Polls, Timestamp

PDF, Poll History

Excel, (Yes/No Poll), Symbols, Timestamp, Polls

Excel, Numbers, Polls, Timestamp, Poll History

The poll history is located in the separate sheet tab "Poll History".

Excel, Text, Polls, Timestamp, Poll History

This setting automatically selects value-dependent background colors.

CSV, Text, Polls, Timestamp, Overall Result

CSV, Symbols, Polls, Timestamp