Create surveys with fragab

There's no faster way to create a survey than with fragab! Despite numerous flexible settings, it's super easy. With minimal clicks, you can create your group survey for a variety of purposes.

Basically, there are two types of surveys:

Survey with options (multiple choice)

You provide multiple options that participants can choose from. For example, to find dates, distribute tasks, make decisions from multiple suggestions, etc.

"Table view":

"Vertical view":

Survey without options (Yes/No survey)

If you already have a fixed date and only want to know who will be attending or need clear decisions, this type of survey is for you. It's only about a Yes/OK or No/not OK response. No options are provided; you simply add all the necessary information in the description.

"Table view"

"Vertical view":

To create a Yes/No survey, simply leave the options empty or delete them.

Whichever type of survey you choose, it will be a success. 😉


Creating Your Survey

1. Enter a title

Enter a short and meaningful title for your survey. Limit it to a maximum of 40 characters.


2. Select an image

An image above your survey yields faster results and enhances your survey. You can upload your own image or use the integrated image search feature.

Enter any search terms in the image search. Scroll down to see more images. Tap on an image if you want to use it for your survey.


If you don't select an image but have a profile picture set in your fragab account, that profile picture will be set as the default image for your survey.
You can change the image by tapping on it.
If you don't want your profile picture to be set as the default image for your survey, you can disable it in your fragab settings.


3. Add Description

Here you can enter the key information about your event. If the date and location are already set and not available for selection, use the calendar and location icons on the right next to the description.

You could already save your survey now if you want to create a simple yes/no survey.
However, in this example, we want to distribute some tasks and know how many people will come. Therefore, we will create some corresponding options.

4. Create Options

Options are the choices in your survey that participants can select. An option can be a date, a time, text, a location, or even combinations of them.

  • Tap on "Text" or "Date" to add the corresponding option. 

    In the date option, you can select multiple days at once. 
    Subsequently, a separate option will be created for each date.

    You can customize each individual option as you like. 
  • Tap on the menu icon to access additional functions (add location, limit, delete, etc.)
  • Add any number of options. Empty options will be ignored.
  • Reorder options by pressing and holding the menu icon and moving the option.

Options with a date will be automatically sorted in the correct order after saving, if necessary.

You can change options at any time, even after participants have already voted for them.
However, this does not apply if the option has a date and you modify that date afterwards! In this case, the votes for that option will be reset to avoid incorrect results or manipulation of the survey (unintentionally).

Survey Settings

Fragab offers a range of settings to refine your survey. 👨‍🍳
Some settings can only be used with a Gold or Platinum package, but they are worth it!

Allow "Maybe" option

Participants can select options as "Maybe." The response will be considered as "Yes" but highlighted in orange. This setting sometimes facilitates scheduling.

Allow "No" option

By default, participants only need to click the options they want to select as "Yes" (green) or "Maybe" (orange). All unselected options are considered "No" (red).

However, if you explicitly want to know which dates or options definitely do not work for participants, enable this setting. The survey will only mark the options as "No" (red) that were blocked by participants accordingly.

Choose one option

If this setting is selected, participants can only select one option at a time, whether it's "Yes," "Maybe," or "No." This setting is recommended for surveys where participants should only choose one result.

This setting is not necessary if you only have a single option in the survey.

Lock selected options

Each option can only be selected once in total and will then be locked for the rest of the participants.
If you want to assign tasks that are only for one person or team, you can achieve that with this setting.

Secret ballot

Only you and selected administrators can see the results of your survey. For everyone else, only the names and comments of the participants are visible.

Secret names

Only you and selected administrators can see the names and comments of your survey. However, the voting results remain visible.

If you want to create a completely anonymous survey, use this setting in combination with the "Secret ballot" setting.

Secret ballot

Only you and selected administrators can see the results of your survey. For everyone else, only the names and comments of the participants are visible.

Selectable quantity

Participants can increase the quantity of a response as needed, for example, to indicate the number of people or salads they will bring to your event.

This option is perfect for task distribution and potluck lists!

Limit participation

If you want to limit an option so that only a certain number of people can select it, this setting makes you the master! Once the limit is reached, the respective option will be locked.

If you enable this setting, you can set a default limit for all options. Additionally, you can individually adjust or set options to be unlimited.

Registration required

In this case, participants must be logged into fragab to participate in your survey. This simplifies changing their votes, receiving voting notifications, and prevents duplicate and anonymous votes.

Participants are considered logged in if they use the app or have logged into their account on the web before voting.

Continuous participant list

Each option with an expired date will be automatically hidden, and the chronologically next option will be displayed. Participants can explicitly choose "Yes," "No," or not respond.

Perfect for training lists, recurring bowling nights, etc.

Set end time

Here you can specify whether your survey should be automatically closed/ended at a specific time.

You can allow whether only newly added votes are allowed from that point forward (existing votes cannot be changed) and mark them as "waiting" with a clock symbol if necessary.
This way, you can create lists where it is important to have a reliable result at a specific time .

If you like, you can also display a live countdown in your survey.

Finally, you can automatically have a summary of your survey sent to you via email as an export. Perfect all around! 👍

Group chat

Your survey will have its own chat where you and all participants can exchange additional information. Chat messages will also be delivered to everyone via push notification and work both through the app and the web.

Password protection

Protect your survey from anonymous visitors with a password. To access the survey, the password you provided must be entered.

Participants whom you have explicitly invited do not need to enter a password.